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Walking tour of the beautiful village of Burley in the heart of the New Forest.

***** Coming soon.....a self-guided audio tour *****

The Best of Burley: A Journey Through History

Whilst walking my dog Teeko through the village, visitors stop me and ask about the village's link to witches and witchcraft as well as why are there no ponies here today? We were told that there's always ponies in Burley!"


These often asked questions set the wheels in motion for what was to be a guided tour, however a badly fractured leg and other health issues have put that on hold for quite a while, so I have been developing a self-guided audio tour which will be available very soon.

Highlights will include:

  • Sybil Leek, the famous white witch who once lived in the centre of the village

  • St.John the Baptist Church - try and time your arrival so that the church is open, which is usually during the day

  • Calvinistic Chapel (from the road only, as now a private residence)

  • The history of The Burley Manor Hotel and how it has changed over the years

  • Tales of smuggling and why a red lined cloak was so important!

  • Learn about some of Burley's more influential residents, who have lanes named after them

Allow between 1.5 and 2 hours for this walk, more if you wish to spend time in the church. There are plenty of cafes and pubs in the village for a quick (or lengthy!) stop.

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